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Nourish the hair you have.


Our formulas are pure and simple. And transparent.

About our Ingredients





Welcome to the Organic Chemistry factory.

Customer Testimonials

"After 5 months of working with these products I have noticed such a difference in how I feel. Loving this whole healthy line."

Kate M., Stylist

Customer Testimonials

"I can honestly say I haven't found a better, even comparable, product to Organic Chemistry. Thank you for all you do and create."

Jennifer D., Customer

Customer Testimonials

"I am absolutely head over heals with how clean and straight-forward the ingredients are in every single product."

Marcella L., Stylist

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for the hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Also the curl cream and gel. Tried all today and I love the curl definition I got! The products smell great too!

Dilani S., Customer

Customer Testimonials

"Wow! I wish I would've taken a before & after photo. My hair is like new hair! Super soft, shiny, and not greasy. I am very happy with the results."

Carey S., Salon Owner

Meet our Maker

We asked our director and maker, Alan Kolb, to talk about some of the choices in ingredients, processes, packaging and and overall sustainability practices of Organic Chemistry.

Read the interview

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