Welcome to Organic Chemistry!

Hello Everyone! We are so happy to be introducing our new organic product line to the world wide web. Organic Chemistry was born out a desire to find (and use) superior quality organic products on our clients at Sprout, An Organic Salon. After opening the salon in 2005 we found it so difficult to find products that reflected our high standard of organic and natural ingredients. So we set out to create our own house-made line of organic styling and hair care products. We started making nourishing oils for the hair, skin and scalp that smelled beautiful and earthy and our client loved them, not only for hair but also for their whole body. The quality and aromatherapy aspects of the oils were so well received that we decided to branch out to other products - smoothing cremes, pomade, shampoos and conditioners all grew out of this same desire to carry beautifully crafted organic hair and scalp care products.