About us

At Organic Chemistry, it's our philosophy that beauty is not a product. Beauty is a bi-product of what you do, how you feel, and the effects of the products you put in, and on, your body. We strive to make our products from the purest, most thoughtfully considered, ethically-grown and harvested ingredients available. So you can feel good about the ingredients you're using on your body, where they are coming from, and how they are made. That's true beauty.


What's our Secret Ingredient? We have none.

We are proud of what we put in our products and what we leave out. As the developers of our formulas, we have done extensive research on every one of our ingredients and we are proud to share how we make our products and why. Our products are all vegan (with the exception of our Pomade, which contains beeswax). As always, feel free to contact us with questions about our ingredient list.

Our products contain:

No sulphates
No parabens
No synthetic fragrances
No silicones
No animal testing
No gluten

See a glossary of Our Ingredients.

The Making of Our Products

Alan Kolb

Founder & Maker

Since opening Sprout, An Organic Salon, in 2006, it has been Alan's goal to develop and produce a line that not only contains the highest quality organic and ethically-harvested ingredients, but performs as well or better than conventional products, which contain chemical compounds that have been linked to everything from minor skin irritations to cancer. In 2007, Organic Chemistry released its Pomade, Shine Serum and Texture Spray, all of which quickly drew a loyal following for their stellar results and their beautiful, earthy, therapeutic scents. In 2015, the full professional line was made available online and to salons around the country.

Davina Grunstein


The telling of Organic Chemistry's story, as well as the look and feel of the brand - the packaging, marketing materials, its visual presence online and off - has been Davina's role since the beginning of the company's inception. As Creative Director and Brand Strategist, her focus is to keep the look, feel and voice of who we are and what makes this product line so unique, clearly and beautifully communicated to the outside world.

"If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude."


Julie Ruckman


Julie Ruckman is our Education Specialist and a Senior Stylist, with over 17 years of salon experience, and has worked with Organic Chemistry products since the very beginning, even helping to shape some of the initial scenting and efficacy. Julie was a stylist at Sprout, An Organic Salon, the birthplace of Organic Chemistry, from 2010 to 2014. She was with us during the years that our first Organic Chemistry formulas were being created, and she collaborated on the in-house testing and development of many of our initial formulas. In 2014 she returned to her hometown, Portland, Oregon, where she opened her own shop, Zuzu. Zuzu was the first salon beyond Sprout to carry Organic Chemistry. Julie's expertise with the Organic Chemistry line, as well her experience with other clean product lines, makes her the perfect point person to support our salon partners and independent stylists.

Nicole Hulsey


Nicole Hulsey is our in-house social media specialist. She came to our family with over six years of digital expertise and design experience. Nicole comes from an agency background with a robust natural beauty clientele. Her love for Organic Chemistry products and sustainability practices came along authentically as she tried the products consistently for a month while working on our social content. You can see her enthusiasm for the line as it jumps off of our social media pages. She works hand in hand with co-founder, Davina Grunstein, to tell the Organic Chemistry story through intentionally curated content that aims to inspire loyal customers, salon partners, and independent stylists.