Our Story

When Sprout, An Organic Salon was in its development phase, we found very few haircare product lines that met our standards for clean, ethically-sourced ingredients and overall efficacy. It became clear that in order to have the organic quality and safety that we wanted to provide for our clients, we needed to create our own line. Our goal has always been to produce a line that not only contains the highest-quality organic and ethically harvested ingredients, but performs as well or better than conventional products, which contain chemical compounds that have been linked to everything from minor skin irritations to cancer. 

The first products we developed were simple formulations that combined the highest quality, certified organic ingredients. We chose botanicals, herbs, oils, minerals and waxes that have been used safely by humans for thousands of years. In 2007, we released our Pomade, Shine Serum and Texture Spray, all of which quickly drew a loyal following for their stellar results and their earthy, therapeutic scents. The more complex formulations came later.

After several years of research, development and in-shop testing, we launched six new products, including our very popular Organic Chemistry Gentle and Hydrating Shampoos and Conditioners. Today we have a full line of exquisitely-crafted, super nourishing products. We hope you love our products, and feel welcome to give us feedback so we can continue to grow our line with new products that are good for you and good for our planet.