Our Salon Partners & Stylists

Our salon partners are at the heart of what we do and why we do it. Their expertise and passion for hair puts them at the forefront of modern trends and inspires us every day. They are also the most negatively impacted by the toxins in the haircare industry because they are exposed day in and day out to the harmful chemicals that are pervasive in conventional haircare products. So when they give us feedback, we listen. This line is for those who are serious about hair and serious about the long-term benefits and safety of the products they work with - for themselves, for their clients, and for the environment.



Corruption Hair Studio
Andee Hoos
1461 E. Eisenhower Blvd.
Loveland, CO


Fifth Element Hair Studio
334 N. First Avenue, #204A
Sandpoint, ID


H2O Salon
109 N. Broadway
Urbana, IL

Chad Keast Hair 
31G Harrison Street
Oak Park, IL
& Urban Village, Cathedral Hill
St. Paul, MN

Studio Boho, Donna Elliott
1416 48th Street Place
Moline, IL

3035 W. Fullerton Avenue
Chicago, IL


Chop Shop
Lisa Hawks
4321 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD

Jill Sell

Alpha Studio
817 S. Bond Street
Baltimore, MD

Foxglove + Mane
1612 Kelly Avenue
Baltimore, MD

Salon Bauhaus
1811-A York Road, Ste. 2
Timonium, MD

Carey Elizabeth Stagmer

Mist Beauty Loft
1275 County Street
Somerset, MA


Cultivate Q
3014 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

MN NAF Salon
3747 Bloomington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Norte Hair Studio
Adylene S. Ocotoxtle
6525 Lyndale Avenue South
Salon Concepts Ste. 2
Richfield, MN


Skip Fellers
Ashville, NC


Gilly’s Salon
2512 SE Clinton Street
Portland, OR

Julie Ruckman
Portland, OR

Grace Harry Salon
36 Southeast 83rd Avenue
Portland, OR

Context Salon
Summer Cranford
14635 NE Broadway
Portland, OR


Jenny B Brandt


Hazel Salon
8301 Greenwood Avenue
Seattle, WA


Citrine Hair Lounge 
644 S. Roosevelt Street
Green Bay, WI