Our naturally pH-balanced shampoos are a low-lather, creamy cleanse that effectively restore your hair and scalp's natural oil balance. The result is clean, soft, healthy hair that needs less frequent washing and fewer products to get it looking, feeling and performing its best.

About our environmental standards

We use only Eco-cert certified surfactants - no harsh foaming agents or detergents found in conventional shampoos. (and even some organic shampoos). What this means for you, our shampoos will not strip your hair of its natural oils. The experience is a low-lather, creamy cleanse, rather than a sudsy wash. These shampoos will help restore and preserve your natural oil balance as well preserve color by not stripping your hair. Every ingredient we use in our products is there for the benefit of your hair and scalp health.

For best results, pair with Organic Chemistry Conditioners.