The Lifecycle of our Products

From sourcing our ingredients to the ingredients we choose, to packaging and shipping, we consider the whole lifecycle of our products and the effects of our processes on you and on the environment. We interviewed the director and maker of Organic Chemistry, Alan Kolb, about some of our ingredient, supplier and process choices, and the overall sustainability philosophy of Organic Chemistry. 

NO. 1

What is different about the ingredients we choose?

We don’t use the harsh ingredients that are pervasive throughout the haircare industry. Silicones, for example, are inexpensive to buy and will make your hair look shiny at first. But they do this by coating the hair with what is essentially a plastic film, suffocating and starving it over time. 

We take pride in a holistic approach to hair and scalp health. By nourishing the hair and scalp with beneficial herbs and oils, and using gentle cleansers that support your natural oil balance, rather than stripping your hair, your hair progressively becomes more manageable and looks better, naturally, with less product, and less effort.

NO. 2

How are these ingredients gentler on the environment?

So many of the household products we use, and rinse down the drain, are returned to the environment. Organic Chemistry uses only ingredients that are biodegradable, safe for you and for the environment. 

NO. 3

What do we look for in sourcing ingredients for our products?

First, it has to be proven safe for humans and the environment. Secondly, it has to be effective. And finally, it must be sustainably and ethically grown and harvested. Maybe there is some magic bark in the heart of the endangered Brazilian rainforest. Or a miracle oil attainable from threatened plants or trees. We won’t use them, ever. 

NO. 4

How we you choose our suppliers?

We have trusted partnerships with our suppliers. Many of them do their own in-house testing for purity, and all provide us with official documentation of organic certifications and safety data sheets. Most importantly, we research and vet our suppliers for their own sustainability practices.

NO. 4

What about our philosophy on packaging and waste?

Most of all we want our packaging to communicate the beauty, simplicity and authenticity of what is inside. When it comes to packaging our company ethos is "less is more". We would rather put our resources toward the quality and quantity of what is inside the bottle and keep the packaging pure and simple. While biodegradable containers and suitable post-consumer recycled containers are on the horizon, they aren’t available yet. We opt for recyclable plastic bottles and jars that aren't custom-made in order to cut down on energy consumption in the production and the shipping process.

NO. 5

How do we support our salon partners in their own sustainability practices?

Our relationships with our salon partners are one of the things we take the greatest pride in developing and nurturing. We have a unique refill program for salons that partner with us. It reduces waste by allowing clients to come to the salon and refill their empty bottles, and also receive a discount. This has been really popular with our salon partners because it allows them to extend their own sustainability values to their clients, which we love to see!  

Also for our salon partners, we offer our products for in-salon use in bulk-sized bags. One bulk bag can eliminate eight 1-liter bottles. The empty bags can be sent back to us and we will wash and refill them. 

For any other questions about our Sustainable Practices, please feel free to contact us directly.